Hey! I'm Nazanin. A Software Engineer based in Virginia.

I love solving complex problems!


I’m lucky to have worked with Nazanin, a great web developer and manager who’s not only interested in the company’s bottom line, but also in the employees’ professional growth.
Parisa Mousavi
System Analyst

As a colleague of Nazanin Hesamzadeh, she was very generous in helping her colleagues for four years. I know that she is learning the new features needed for her work and she is very fast and follow up. She has lots of her interest and effort to create a safe, user-friendly, and beautiful website, even in hard-working terms, and endeavors to deliver it to the customer. Over the course of 4 years, Nazanin was a very intelligent and funny colleague and she was an ideal colleague at my side, and I was very happy to be acquainted and collaborate with her.
Zohreh Naderi


Shabdiz BSS

Business Support System implemented with ZendFramework, MySQL, vanilla Javascript.

Projects Gallery

A WordPress plugin. You create a projects entity and in each one, you will have some basic information plus a screen image, main and Github links. Also, you can show more details of the technologies you used in each project.

App Domain

A custom WordPress template. Creating a layout and animated UI from scratch.

Abacus Menu Sync

A WooCommerce plugin. Fetching Products from Abacus system. Proxy connections to a 3rd API.

Speed Test

Speed test would calculate your internet connection speed. It follows the algorithm of sending packages and estimates it based on the average time. It also records the speed in the database, so there is a history for users.

Car Inn

A WordPress website, with custom modules. Creating a responsive template from scratch.

Blue Marble

A WordPress website, with custom modules.

Shahed Clinic

A WordPress website, with custom modules.


The NewYork Times
2020 - Present
Senior Software Engineer
The NewYork Times

Collaborate with the team to create new features and execution of ideas.

App Domain
2019 - 2020
Web Developer
App Domain

Developing WordPress plugins, Shopify app. Developing Web Apps using ReactJs. Creating serverless REST API using Node, Express, and Firebase functions.

Shabdiz Telecome Network
2017 - 2019
Web Developer
Shabdiz Telecome Network

Full-stack Developer WordPress CMS developing Creating BSS and some features for ERM using Zend Framework Angular Project Debugging

Teamyar ERP
2010 - 2015
Lead Web Developer
Teamyar ERP

Supervisor of the team. Joomla CMS, creating custom modules and templates. creating and editing vanilla Javascript libraries for web-based software.


JavaScript ES6


Qazvin Azad University